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Technology Factsheet

Hydraulic Shears- AMK-HP60

Category: Dismantlement > Mechanical Cutting Equipment > Abrasive Cutter
Reference # : Model No : AMK-HP60

The hydraulic shear is a two-bladed or two-cutter tool that operates on the same principle as a conventional pair of scissors. A bladed shear primarily is used for inline cutting of sheet metal. The shears are a standard component in fire and police toolboxes. The shears come in a variety of sizes, produce no secondary waste, and are easy to use. The shear is powered by hydraulic pressure developed by a gasoline engine-driven pump. The hydraulic fluid lines are connected to the shear through male and female couplings connected to the tool. A two-way twist grip type control valve operates the shear. In order to operate the valve, the grip needs to be twisted either to the right or to the left appropriate to the movement desired from the tool. All control valves are equipped with a dead man's type feature, which causes them to automatically spring back to center as soon as the handle is released. The shear then stops and holds whatever force was exerted at the time the valve was released. The portable hydraulic shear was developed as rescue equipment. Weight of Technology Model(lb): 133 lbs


Low operating cost; fast cutting; quick set up; no airborne particles; low maintenance; Easily adapted for remote control


Maximum jaw opening 8", maximum shear force 67,900 lbs.




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