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Technology Factsheet

Remote Controlled Demolition Equipment

Category: Dismantlement > Heavy Equipment > Robotic System
Reference # : Model No : KT-30 & KT-15

KT-15 and KT-30 are track mounted mobile telescopic boom type machines that can be equipped with a variety of head attachments to perform dismantlement or demolition work. Both equipment can be powered by electricity or diesel fuel. During the demonstration at Florida International University - Hemispheric Center for Environmental Technology, the KT-30 with a UP6 cutting shear dismantled I-Beams, pipes, barricades, drainage pipes and pipe hangers from a concrete structure. As the metal structures were being cut, the KT-15 also equipped with a shear, held pieces that were being cut and safely removed them to a designated location. Once this operation was complete, the UP6 cutting shear was replaced by an oxygen lance manipulator attachment. The KT-30 then cut a steel plate, tank, and shaft with magnesium oxygen lance rods while KT-15 was holding the pieces and safely removed them to a designated location. Two operators operated the KT-30 and KT-15 respectively through two hand-held pendant boxes. In addition, a poured concrete structure was demolished by the KT-30 with a UP6 cutting shear and the KT-15 with a hydraulic hammer simultaneously. Dimensions of Tech Model (LXWXH): KT-30: 19'3" X 6'10.5"X7'11" KT-15: 15'5"X4'9"X5'4" Weight of Tech Model (lb): KT-30:26,000 lbs KT-15:12,000 lbs


-Designed for tough demolition projects, the equipment has powerful and well-protected hydraulics. It has the ability to handle an attachment in excess of 3,000 lbs and still remain mobile working on track, making it a robust,versatile, and reliable machine. -Remote control system protects worker safety -Generates no secondary waste -KT-30's unique, double pivot design keeps the overall profile height low (7'11") but unfolds for maximum reach when needed. -The equipment has been tested and used extensively in industrial sector. -The vendor is able to design, manufacture and ship customized attachments in approximately 3 weeks.


-Use of magnesium oxygen lance generates a considerable amount of potentially hazardous smoke. -Respirators need to be used, especially when operation is conducted in a confined space area. -The size of the equipment does not allow its use in an extremely confined space area.




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