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Technology Factsheet

Mobile Work Platform

Category: Dismantlement > Heavy Equipment > Robotic System
Reference # : OST No 2243 , DOE/EM-0450 Model No : 1500

The Mobile Work Platform (MWP) supplied by Eagle Tech has a four wheel chassis, model No. 1500, a multi-articulating, folding main boom attached to the chassis by means of a 360-degree rotating turret assembly. Attached to the telescoping jib end of the main boom are two independently operable arms that are mounted on a common articulating and rotating support platform base called Rotec. The Rotec allows both arms to work at a 90-degree angle off either side of the main boom arm. Each arm is able to independently telescope outward or retract to assist in final positioning of the shear blade. Each arm is able to independently articulate right, left, up and down and also roll to position the shear blade in any position between horizontal and vertical. Both end-effectors have the ability to grab, hold in place, crimp, and shear pipe/conduit and lower the segmented section to the floor, waste containers or a predefined staging area. The MWP was built to satisfy the following specifications: Grab, support, crimp, shear then lower, in a controlled manner, schedule 40, carbon steel pipe up to 6 inches in diameter with an additional 2 inches of aluminum jacketed fiberglass insulation Cut pipe into sections up to 30 feet above ground Cut pipe into sections up to 30 ft laterally from the chassis Hold 1000 lbs with the main boom positioned parallel to the ground Hold load with the engine off, and provide controlled lowering of load Compact to fit into a 8 ft wide by 9 ft tall entrance Remote controlled operation up to 100 ft away Place pipe sections directly into waste containers Travel 90-degree in either direction from a stationary starting position The MWP is self-propelled and has the ability to steer each of the four wheels independently. The hard rubber tires have four wheel 90-degree radius steering. Within the chassis system is housed a propane-fueled, 302 cubic inch displacement, V-8 motor that drives a set of hydraulic pumps. The MWP can be operated inside or outside the facility , on concrete floors or may be modified for rough terrain Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH): -Chassis - 80 in x 84 in x 72 in -Remote control unit - 4 in x 10 in x 6 in


Improved health and safety for D&D workers -Remove the personnel from "harm's way" (falling debris or sectioned pipes that are positioned overhead) -Reducing the quantity of labor intensive work -Eliminate the need for personnel to work at elevated heights -Reduce the injury potential from handling segmented pipes with sharp edges -Reduce the potential for airborne contamination -Eliminate the need for rigging activities


MWP has a lower production rate than the baseline technology (manual removal methods), 20 linear feet/h versus 50 linear feet/h respectively MWP has higher operational costs than the baseline technology (manual removal methods), $4.94/linear feet versus $4.80/linear feet respectively




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