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Technology Factsheet

Radioactive Isotope Identification Device Surveillance and Measurement (SAM)

Category: Characterization > Monitors > Radiation Monitors
Reference # : Model No : 940

New radioactive isotope identification instruments from Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC) offer specialized options for use in the health physics, law enforcement and homeland security industries. The SAM Defender (standard resolution) and SAM Revealer (high resolution) are portable radiation identification systems developed to provide simple operation for the first responder who needs to react quickly, as well as detailed analyses for the sophisticated technical user. Several modes of operation give all users the information they need right at their fingertips. The systems offer a variety of gamma detectors and an optional neutron detector. A convenient ethernet connection, CompactFlash card, USB adapter, or RS-232 ensure easy data storage, archive, or transfer. Spectral reporting is generated in XML compliant formats according to the ANSI N42.42 standard. An auxiliary port allows the use of application-specific third party hardware such as a GPS (global positioning system), Bluetooth data transmission, or wireless 802.11 / ZigBee protocol.


Light-weight system. Completely portable isotope identification system in one hand. Indentification of multiple radionuclides concurrently within one second Special Nuclear Material (SNM) detection, enhanced with integrated neutron detection option. Spectra and user settings transfer easily to PC through CompactFlash card, Ethernet, or USB adapter. Operates for over 6 hours on standard AA batteries.





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