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Technology Factsheet

Mobile Robot Worksystem

Category: Dismantlement > Heavy Equipment > Robotic System
Reference # : OST No 1799 , DOE/EM-0429 Model No : ROSIE

ROSIE performs mechanical dismantlement of radiologically contaminated structures by remotely deploying others tools or systems. ROSIE is a mobile platform used to support reactor assembly demolition through its long reach, heavy lift capability and its deployment and positioning of Kraft Predator dexterous manipulator arm. ROSIE is a tethered. 50-m (165-ft) long, robotic system controlled via teleoperation from a control console that is located outside of the radiological containment area. The system consists of three main components, the control center, the power distribution unit, and the robot, which includes the locomotor and heavy manipulator. Rosie's design is modular in nature to allow components to be added or removed, yielding several different configurations. The two main modules are the locomotor and the heavy manipulator. The locomotor provides mobility to carry the heavy manipulator to the work area. The heavy manipulator can then deploy tools or smaller more dexterous manipulators from its tip. In this modular concept, the heavy manipulator can be removed from the locomotor allowing other equipment to be deployed from its deck. Rosie is an electrohydraulic, omnidirectional locomotor platform with a heavy manipulator on its deck. The manipulator boom can deploy a large number of tools for demolition and decontamination. Alternatively, it can carry one or two smaller manipulators for more dexterous work using remotely operated tools. The second-generation Rosie-C, developed by RedZone Robotics, Inc., has been demonstrated at CP-5 for various D&D tasks, including size reduction of reactor shield plugs, horizontal thimble removal, and waste packaging of reactor components and materials. In addition, Rosie-C is providing remote visual support to the Dual Arm Work Platform. Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH): Control Center, Power Distribution unit, Robot: - Locomotor: 14 ft X 6 ft X 8 ft - Heavy Manipulator: 9.5 ft X 6 ft X 3.5 ft Weight of Tech Model (lb.): - Locomotor: 8, 600 lb. - Heavy Manipulator: 4,300 lb.


Reduced personnel exposure to radiation. The system showed it could perform extremely delicate and intricate operation. Deploys a wide variety of tools for multitask D&D activities. Remote operation removes workers from high-radiation environments supporting ALARA principles. Radiation hardened for easy maintenance and decontamination. Rosie-C broke up a high-density concrete plug in an hour compared to several days for workers using jackhammers.


Rosie is a viable D&D tool in its present state. However, robotic technology is continually improving, and subsequent generations should incorporate these improvements and lessons learned. Although the tether is extremely well protected in it's present state, it is still a weak link in terms of potential damage to the robot. Rosie has limited maneuverability in confined areas and areas with low ceilings. The telescoping boom was not long enough to reach inside the reactor, yet the platform was bulky and difficult to maneuver on the reactor floor. Rosie did not prove extremely useful as a movable lifting platform and for the observations inside the reactor tank. The system was the first full-scale application of the teleoperated mobile robotic system. RedZone Robotic is pursing commercialization of Rosie.




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