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Technology Factsheet

Body Cooling Vest

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Heat & Cold Protection
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The Steele Body Cooling Vest is a cooling vest for working in high heat at high work rates. Body heat is absorbed by frozen gel Thermo-strips™ which are inserted into the cooling vest, providing up to 4 hours of cooling comfort at a time. It consists of six thermo strips (frozen ice packs) that are inserted into the six pockets.


Flame retardant cotton fabric. Durable. Washable. Absorbs condensation. Lightweight (weighs 5 to 12 pounds). Optimal spacing between Thermo-strips permits easy bending & lifting. Split shoulder closure (on 6-pocket vest only) allows donning & doffing by slipping on or off shoulder. Cooling packs have high latent heat capacity. Provides 2-4 hours of cooling. Failsafe cooling medium (will not flow when melted). Non-toxic. Non-flammable. Cooling packs can be repeatedly frozen/melted without degradation.


Requires freezing of packs.




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