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Technology Factsheet

Robotic Dismantler/Decontaminator

Category: Dismantlement > Mechanical Cutting Equipment > Mobile Shears
Reference # : Model No : Brokk BM 250 with shear

The Robotic Dismantler/Decontaminator utilizes Brokk 250 as a base machine and a variety of interchangeable head attachments to perform dismantling or surface decontamination work. Brokk 250 is a remotely operated and electrically driven demolition machine. Head attachments that can be equipped to the Brokk 250 include but are not limited to hydraulic hammer, hydraulic shear, concrete crusher, hydraulic drill, digging bucket, shrouded vacuum, mechanical cutters or other abraders. The system is operated through a hand-held pendant box. For the purpose of this demonstration, a shear attachment was used to dismantle I-beams, pipes, barricades and railings. Dimensions of Brokk 250: transport length 142", transport height 70", width 47", and operating width 97" Weight of Brokk 250: 6,750 lbs Weight of shear: 600 lbs


1. The remotely controlled equipment reduces workers' exposure to contamination. 2. Little secondary waste is generated. 3. One machine, multiple functions: dismantlement and decontamination.


1. Equipment cannot access to confined regions due to its large size (5' x 6' x 8' heigh). 2. The Brokk 250 robot needs to be placed within 20 feet from the surface to be removed.




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