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Technology Factsheet

Remote Control Concrete Demolition System

Category: Dismantlement > Heavy Equipment > Robotic System
Reference # : OST No 2100 , DOE/EM-0410 Model No : Brokk BM 150

The Brokk BM 150 uses a remotely operated articulated hydraulic boom with various tools head attachments to perform the work. The machine is designed primarily to drive a hammer and has a reach of 15 feet. The machine can also rotate a continuous 360 degrees. The Brokk can be operated by someone 400 feet away or in a different room using a TV monitor. The equipment can be operated up to a 30-degree gradient. The unit requires a 480-volt, 50-amp circuit for its power source. Two attachments were used in this demonstration, the hydraulic hammer and the excavating bucket. The hammer operates at 600 foot-pounds and has outputs of 1000 to 1500 beats per minute. The bucket has a capacity of ¬ cubic yard. Other attachments available include a concrete crusher, a La Bounty shear, and a ¬ yard clamshell bucket. Smaller and larger sizes of the Brokk are available. Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH): 92 in. x 44 in. x 49 in.Weight of Tech Model (lb): 3,086 (without attachments)Weight of Hammer (150) (lb): 400Weight of Crusher (150) (lb): 300Weight of Shear (250) (lb): 600


-Operator is removed from the dangers of falling debris -Worker radiation exposure and heat stress are reduced -The Brokk, with the hydraulic hammer, is able to break concrete much faster and safer than a manually operated jackhammer -Equipment is easy to operate and can be operated with a reasonable amount of control -Equipment is also able to segregate waste -The equipment is very versatile and can accommodate various other attachments -Equipment is small enough to be operated indoors


The Brokk Remote-controlled demolition system demonstrated at CP-5 does not have any implementation issues.




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