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Technology Factsheet

Digital Mobile Constant Flow Air Sampler

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Air Monitoring
Reference # : Model No : HD-29D

The Model HD-29D is a mobile “K-Flow” lightweight, constant flow air sampler designed for use in facilities where the collection of precise air samples is required on a continuous or semi-continuous basis. Its vacuum pump and constant air flow regulator combination permits the collection of an air particulate sample at a constant flow rate until the DP across the filter paper exceeds the capability of the pump at that flow rate. The controlled flow rate is observed on the RADeCO AVT (Air Volume Totalizer) display and is adjustable from 0.5 to 3.5 CFM. The Model HD-29D can be used with various diameter filters and charcoal cartridges used for the collection of airborne contaminants. An internal air filtering system has been installed between the regulator valve and the pump to prevent particulates from reaching the self-adjusting carbon vanes and causing excess wear.


Constant airflow maintained with a DP across the filter of up to 17” of mecury. Telescoping sampling gooseneck permits easy adjustment to breathing zone levels. Totalizer displays current flow rate, runtime, and total volume sampled.





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