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Technology Factsheet

Hard Hat with Uvicator Sensor

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Head Protection
Reference # : H-700 Model No : H-701V-UV

The 3M TM H-700 Series Hard Hat helps deliver lightweight protection and durability for extended comfort. With the new Uvicator sensor, workers have an easy way to monitor their hard hat exposure to the sun, so they will know when it’s time for a replacement. These hard hats feature a low-profile design for stability and balance, and include accessory slots for 3M’s cap-mounted earmuffs, headgear, face shields and welding helmets.


Uvicator UV sensor - changes color to indicate the need for replacement. Comfortable ratchet suspension with height adjustment. Optional 6-point strap. Replaceable brow pad. Vented hard hat option. Customized logo options. ANSI/ISEA compliant when worn in the forward and reverse donning positions. Short brim for better upward visibility. Slots for accessory attachment.





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