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Technology Factsheet

Personal Air Conditioners

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Heat & Cold Protection
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Workers in extreme temperatures wear Personal Air Conditioners (PACs) to minimize heat stress, cold stress and fatigue and improve comfort and productivity. Vortec PACs have two components: a cooling/heating tube with belt that generates cold and/or hot air to provide air flow to the worker; a diffuse cooling vest through which the cold or hot air flows to cool the worker’s torso and neck. PACs are available in three cooling capacities, and two models that provide versatility to switch back and forth between heating and cooling. All models can achieve temperature differentials of +/- 45 – 60 deg F from the inlet compressed air temperature using vortex tube technology. The cooling only models are adjustable by the worker using an integral temperature adjust knob.


Improves worker safety. Eliminates the incidence of worker heat stress or cold stress. Reduces frequency and duration of non-productive cooling and warming work breaks. Maximizes worker productivity and comfort in extreme temperatures. Eliminates the need to air condition large warehouse or shop areas.





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