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Technology Factsheet

Lead Blanket

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Radiation Shielding
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These lead blankets are built based on Navy specifications including continuous lead wool rope with high density continuous quilting—all seams are double sewn (optional RF sealed borders for complete moisture protection). All edges rolled—no raw edges to fray or cut hazard to the installing personnel. With disposal costs many times the initial investment, the "usable life cycle costs" are an important consideration. The continuous lead wool rope is evenly compressed and secured (fixed) using a continuous diamond quilting pattern sewed with a repeat of approximately 8" to 9" throughout the blanket and, in addition, a sew line down the center to further "fix" the lead. The result is approximately (5) isolating pockets per every foot of blanket, completely securing the lead wool rope.


Available in various sizes, shapes and weights—typical loading of 10 and 15 lbs./sq. ft. Fabrication techniques yields strength approaching 300 lbs.





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