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Technology Factsheet

Trans Seal 1 - Dust Suppressant

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Dust Suppression
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Trans Seal I is a dust suppressant and soil stabilizer designed to control dust mitigation, reducing particulate emissions caused by blowing dust, construction and transportation of materials. Trans Seal I is a non-toxic water-soluble product developed specifically for the control of PM 10 fugitive dusts (Particulate Emission Potential), identified by the Clark County Health District Air Quality Division, and is in compliance with EPA and the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection. Application equipment includes water truck, trailer-mounted sprayer, hand-held portable sprayer, hydroseeder, pressure washer, and agricultural sprayer. Applications include roadways, pathways, parking lots, unpaved roads, construction sites, vacant lots, trails, mining and commercial stock piles, solar generating stations, coal cars, erosion control, and housing developments.


Proven effective in controlling and suppressing dust in a variety of applications. Non-toxic to the environment. GREEN alternative to magnesium chloride and other salt suppressants. Cost effective.





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