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Technology Factsheet

Radioactive and Mixed Waste Treatment Agents

Category: Waste Management > Waste Treatment > Solidification
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The radioactive and mixed waste treatment agents from Babcock Serives are solidification/stabilization agents, developed for the efficient and economical disposal of radioactive, hazardous chemical, and mixed wastes. They are slightly alkaline, non-flammable, non-reactive and non-corrosive, and are not biodegradable. These reagents immobilize wastes (liquid, sludge, or solid) through the action of complex bonding mechanisms and ion exchange reactions. The end result is an homogenous waste solid with excellent leach resistance. Different agents are used for waste treatment: 1) Aquaset - water-activated, granular solidification agent used for treatment of aqueous liquids containing small amounts of dissolved and suspended solids, detergents, chelating agents, resins, and up to 5% oils. Aquaset does not require stirring, and is utilized by simple addition to the aqueous liquid waste. Usually only 100 to 150 pounds of Aquaset are required to solidify 45 to 48 gallons of liquid waste in a 55-gallon drum. 2) Aquaset II - an extremely versatile powdered solidifier. A 200-MESH screen will pass 80% to 85% of the Aquaset by weight. It is used with aqueous waste solutions that are high in dissolved solids (salty solutions). It also will solidify many water-soluble or miscible organic compounds (such as glycols). Aquaset II also finds its greatest utility in the solidification of aqueous solutions extremely high in dissolved solids, such as neutralized acids and bases, and those organic liquids that are water soluble or miscible. 3) Petroset - an efficient solidifier for the same waste liquids as Aquaset and, since it is used with power mixing, it also is used to treat aqueous sludges and particle suspensions. A 200-mesh screen will pass 80% to 85% of the Petroset by weight. With the addition of small amounts of water, it can solidify dry solids.


Volumetric efficiency. Leaching resistance - The ability of a treated waste to withstand groundwater attack. Retention of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).





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