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Technology Factsheet

Stripcoat TLC Free

Category: Decontamination > Surface Cleaning > Strippable Coatings
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Stripcoat TLC is a non-hazardous, non-toxic, water-based solution designed to safely remove and prevent the spread of contamination. Recommended for the decontamination of floors, walls and equipment, Stripcoat’s chemical composition also makes it ideal for system components including reactor cavities, glove boxes or hot cells. Stripcoat can also serve as a barrier to prevent contamination or as a covering to contain contamination, preventing areas and equipment from becoming contaminated during maintenance activities.

While curing, Stripcoat mechanically and chemically entraps contamination. After curing, the coating strips off, along with loose surface contamination. Proven effective, Stripcoat has achieved decontamination factors of several hundred.


Non-hazardous. Non-toxic. High decontamination factors.Easily applied with industrial airless sprayer, paint roller or brush. One gallon covers up to 50 square feet. Quickly dries in 4–12 hours. Water-soluble for easy clean-up. Approved for disposal at low-level radioactive waste facilities or by incineration.





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