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Technology Factsheet

Portable Pipeline Beveling System

Category: Dismantlement > Mechanical Cutting Equipment > Pipe Cutter
Reference # : Model No : PFM 816

The Model 816 PIPEMASTER® is a portable ID mount machine tool for beveling, facing and/or counter-boring 8” (219 mm) through 16” (406.4 mm) pipe. The tool is configured with dual hydraulic motor drives, that power helical gears attached to the main spindle. A set of two hydraulic cylinders (with rapid and slow feed control) advance the cutting head into the pipe end. A 4” diameter mandrel shaft is provided for optimum stability during heavy cutting operations. One hydraulically actuated mandrel head assembly with mounting pads covers the whole range of the tool.


Pipe diameter 8” to 16” (219 to 406.4 mm). Wall thickness up to 1.6” (40.6mm). Safety chip guard with integral auto shut-off. Powerful.





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