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Technology Factsheet

EBE 350 Floor Shot Blaster

Category: Decontamination > Mechanical Surface Removal > Shot Blasting
Reference # : Model No : EBE 350

The EBE 350 Floor Shot Blaster consists of a self-propelled blaster connected to a vacuum unit for dust collection. The blast head uses centrifugal forces to release steel shot at contaminated surfaces for removal. The shot and the material removed are drawn into air wash system which allows the heavy shot to fall back into the hopper for reuse. The remaining material is drawn into vacuum system for collection and disposal. The blast head unit is capable of reaching up to «" removal depth, depending on the surface media. The blast path is 13". The dust collector is a separate unit that can be placed at a maximum of 600 feet away from the blast head. The dust collector includes a series of pulse jet operated pre-filters and final HEPA filtration. The dust generated is placed in a separate 55-gallon drum for disposal. Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH): Dust Collector: 28" wide by 69" Long by 64" High (990 lb.) Blast Head: 26" wide by 54" Long by 44" High (772 lb.) Weight of Tech Model (lb.): Dust Collector: 990 lb Blast Head: 772 lb


Requires minimal setup time to begin blasting. Self-propelled unit, reduce labor Maintains a dust free environment. Novice operators can become productive soon after basic training. Dust collector can stay stationary at up to 600 ft away The abrasive is reused to reduce cost and waste generation.


Not operational on wet surfaces.




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