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Technology Factsheet

Oxygasoline Torch

Category: Dismantlement > Non-Mechanical Cutting Equipment > Oxyacetylene/Oxygasoline Cutting
Reference # : OST No 1847 , DOE/EM-0401 Model No : Oxygasoline

The oxy-gasoline torch system is a safe, reliable design that makes backflash up the fuel line impossible. The system uses a small pressure vessel that holds gasoline and air. The unit is then pressurized by either a self-contained hand pump or by an external source of compressed air. The liquid gasoline then moves through a + inch, 2-braid hose designed specifically to send gasoline to the mixer. The mixer is a cone-shaped piece that fits into the torch head at the base of the tip. The mixer, which contains special grooves and wicks, receives both the preheat oxygen and the gasoline and combines them into the fuel mixture fed into the tip assembly. In the cutting tip the gasoline changes from liquid to vapor, increasing in volume by almost 200 times. The rapid expansion provides a strong force to the preheat flame. Since the gasoline is a confined liquid right into the cutting tip and liquid gasoline is stable, it cannot burn; backflash cannot occur. Dimensions of Technology Model(LXWXH): 20 inches long Weight of Technology Model (lb): 3 lbs


Low capital and operating cost, provide greater fuel availability, portable; quick set up and low maintenance


Up to 14 inch thick metal. It will cut only metal that oxidizes readily.




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