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Technology Factsheet

Polymeric Barrier System (PBS)

Category: Decontamination > Miscellaneous Equipment/Methods > Fixatives
Reference # : Model No : GS-21F-0022T

The Polymeric Barrier System (PBS) is a non-toxic, water-based solution which forms an impermeable barrier between hazardous or contaminated materials and the environment. Apply PBS to any surface to lock down loose contamination and prevent leaching of contaminates after decontamination efforts. PBS is commonly used to stabilize large plant components, concrete, valves, and other problematic radwaste equipment prior to shipment. PBS is also used to control environmental contamination and soil erosion, providing an alternative to the traditional approach of plastic sheeting or tarpaulins. Easily applied in the field, PBS minimizes the dispersion of contaminated materials, covering contaminated soil or construction debris, protecting equipment, stabilizing burial trench soil, confining spills and coating asbestos materials.


Non-toxic. Easily applied with industrial airless sprayer, paint roller or brush. One gallon covers approximately 50 square feet at 25 mils. Quickly dries in 8–24 hours. Available in 5 or 55-gallon quantities.





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