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Technology Factsheet

CC Doff

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Containment and Decontamination
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CC Doff controls contamination on workers PPE during doffing activities at the step-off pad when exiting posted areas. CC Doff is sprayed as a fine mist over PPE prior to removal. It rapidly cures to a tacky coating which prevents inadvertent spread of contamination which could result in inhalation or skin contamination. Support personnel assisting in the doffing process are also protected by the use of CC Doff. CC Doff minimizes the spread and re-suspension of contamination during handling and disposal of PPE after removal. Unlike previous doffing agents that used a pressurized, alcohol-based propellant (like hairspray), CC Doff is water-based and applied using readily available hand-held misters. CC Doff is non-hazardous and a non- flammable liquid.


Non-hazardous. Non-flammable. Water-based.





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