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Technology Factsheet

Apollo Tubing Inspection System

Category: Characterization > Inspection > Others
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Apollo is a digital multi-channel/multi-frequency eddy current tubing inspection system designed for inspection speed, measurement accuracy, and operational efficiency. Developed to take on the most demanding steam generator and heat exchanger inspections, Apollo drives industry standard eddy current (ET) and remote field (RFT) tubing probes as well as surface scanning arrays. The Apollo system combined with tubing probes are ideally suited for the inspection of ferrous and nonferrous tubing in heat exchangers and condensers.


100% digital data acquisition ensures full signal capture. Configurable up to 1024 channels and 256 frequencies for tubing inspection and array applications. Supports multiplexed, simultaneous injection, and context switching inspection modes. Wide frequency range of 1 Hz to10 MHz and automatic gain control.





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