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Technology Factsheet

High-Speed Clamshell Pipe Cutter

Category: Dismantlement > Mechanical Cutting Equipment > Circular Cutting Saw
Reference # : OST No 1807 , DOE/EM-0375 Model No : 616 RLB- 624 RBL

The Tri Tool Inc. high-speed units are portable split-frame pipe lathes.The split-frame clamshell pipe cutter model 616 RBL accommodates pipe diameters of 25 cm to 41 cm (10 in. to 16 in.) and the model 624 RBL accommodates pipe diameters of 46 cm to 61 cm (18 in. through 24 in.). The unit utilizes field-adjustable precision 90ø-Vee bearings that pre-load and stabilize the rotating head to improve life, stability, and precision and reduce the amount of maintenance. Interchangeable carbide inserts are needed for high-speed cutting. The radial clearance needed for the 624 RBL model is only 7 in. The clamshell splits into two halves for mounting on closed loop systems. All parts are secured to these two halves to avoid loss of parts and provide maximum ease of handling.The clamshell is equipped with adjustable mounting pads for out-of-round pipe conditions.Dual tool-bit module blocks with auto-feed star wheels and adjustable slideways provide maximum maintainability, life, and operator safety, with minimum operator training.The gear reduction, auto-feed star wheels provide .0025" (.06 mm) of radial feed per revolution for a controlled depth of cut.Drive gears and bearing surfaces are covered for operator safety and sealed to prevent dust and chip interference.Axial and radial clearance requirements are minimal. For example, only 7" radial clearance from floors, walls, or adjacent pipes is needed. Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH): Not AvailableWeight of Tech Model (lb): 159 (616 RBL model) Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH): Not Available Weight of Tech Model (lb):207 (624 RBL model)


Faster cutting rate than the baseline technology (oxyacetylene torch), however, the time required for tool setup for the High-Speed Clamshell Pipe Cutter is approximately 5 times greater than the baseline's Drive gears and bearing surfaces are covered for operator safety and are sealed to prevent dust and chip interference Achieves a higher level of ALARA than baseline technology Only 7 in. radial clearance is required to operate the equipment Operators do not need to be trained welders Equipment does not utilize flame smoke or applied heat. Equipment is capable of cutting out of-round pipesúRelatively easy for two persons to set up, even in congested areas Workers can learn the cutting technique quickly without having to be qualified as welders Short cutting times No flame, smoke, or applied heating involved Operator can control the cutting remotely


Setup tool for the next cut takes about 24 min.(attach and detach tool). Due to the large size of the pipes in this demonstration, staging and securing pipes may require an additional 17 min. Unit requires two persons or lifting gear to setup The equipment could not be used in a portion of the tunnel that had low head room due to its size and weight




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