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Technology Factsheet

Portable HEPA Ventilation & Vacuum Systems

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Ventilation
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This technology is a nuclear-grade HEPA-filtered system to maintain air quality during activities that can potentially create airborne contamination. BHI offers full design capabilities to 10,000 cfm in a variety of portable, lightweight and compact models. Different models available include: 1. AP-500: compact; portable; ultra lightweight; minimal set up time; easy operation; 500 cfm. 2. AP-1000B: portable; lightweight; housing-less filter; easy operation; 1,000 cfm; 115 volts. 3. AP-2000: high-velocity workhorse for high static loads; 2,000 cfm; 460 volt, 3 phase. 4. AP-4000: maximum capacity and performance; 4,000 cfm; 460 volt, 3 phase 4-8” inlets.


Compact. Portable. Lightweight. Minimal set up time. Easy to operate.





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