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Technology Factsheet

SabreBZM Breathing Zone Monitor

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Air Monitoring
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This technology is a lightweight, battery-powered, alpha air monitor that can be worn on the body, and its sampling head clipped to the lapel. The proximity of the sampling head to the wearer’s mouth means more accurate worker “breathing zone” dose assessments and alarm indications. A solid-state, ion-implanted, silicon detector and reliable 1024-channel multi-channel analyzer provide the input for an iPAQ processor that performs the spectral analysis. An integrated 3-LPM pump, lithium-ion battery and charging electronics complete the package allowing battery operation of more than eight hours. The SabreBZM may be factory-configured for either the measurement of special nuclear materials (SNM), or for radon progeny measurements of potential alpha energy concentration (PAEC).


Light weight. 8-hour battery life. Performs both fast-responding (acute) and high-sensitivity (chronic) measurements. Voice annunciation of status changes and dose provide hands-free operation. Wireless 802.11b RadNet output option for remote monitoring.





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