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Technology Factsheet

Remote-Operated Automated Segmentation Process

Category: Dismantlement > Mechanical Cutting Equipment > Mechanical Saw
Reference # : Model No : RASP

The Remotely-Operated Advanced Segmentation Process (RASP) is a remotely-operated mechanical segmentation technique that uses a special hard metal wire (wire saw) in a reciprocating motion to cut various components including combination of stainless steel, lead shielding, foam, and plexiglas simultaneusly. In addition, the RASP is capable to cut thorugh fixed internal components within organic foam (e.g., screwdrivers, pipes, pliers, electrical conduits, etc.) Depending on the type of equipment needed to be cut the wire saw's length can be adjusted to accommodate the operation. Dimensions: 8'H X 6'L X 6'W Weight: 800 lbs.


The RASP technology is remotely operated, minimizing workers' exposure to hazardous conditions and reducing operator fatigue. Mobile, easy to operate, and set up and tear down is relatively simple. Low secondary waste generation. It produces low noise, vibration and energy/thermal impact. Is able to cut through combinations of stainless steel, lead shielding, foam, and plexiglas simultaneosly. Cutting activities are safe for both operators and environment.


Production rate is very low compared with some other cutting technologies. The qrind wire breaks frequently, requiring reentry to the contaminated are for wire replacement. However a wire replacement takes only about 1 minute. Due to grind breakage, the RASP could not work continuously without personnel supervision.




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