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Technology Factsheet

Steam Generator Leak Rate Monitor

Category: Characterization > Monitors > Leak Detectors
Reference # : Model No : SGLM 201K

The SGLM 201K forms part of the RAMSYS product line. It has been developed for steam generator leak rate monitoring in nuclear power plants. The 16N count rate is measured by a scintillation detector (NAI). The detector is installed on the main steam line and it is thermally insulated to protect it from sharp temperature transients. The conversion from 16-N count rate to volumetric activity is done utilizing the coefficient established through Monte Carlo analysis. The conversion from 16- N volumetric activity to leak rate is calculated using four correlation. Applications include barrier leak control and secondary circuit monitoring.


16-N monitoring when reactor power exceeds 25%. Gross gamma energy monitoring when reactor power ‹25%. Spectrum stabilization against temperature and aging drifts. 16 configurable windows over the measurement range. 024 channels analysis. Available with or without display and local signaling. Seismically qualified.


Designed for mild environment conditions.




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