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Technology Factsheet

Particulate and Iodine Sampler

Category: Characterization > Sampling & Analysis Equipments > Environmental Sampling Equipment
Reference # : Model No : PIS 204L, 203S, 205L

This technology has been developed to continuously sample draw for particulate and iodine, in both organic and molecular forms, in air from effluent stacks, ventilation ducts and/or working areas, in a mild environment. Different models available include PIS 203S, PIS 204L, PIS 205L. PIS 205L is adapted for stack or duct when an isokinetic sampling is required. The radioactive particulate trapped on designated paper filter can be sent to a laboratory for specific test analysis like qualitative analysis to identify the isotopes, quantitative analysis using a reflectometer, measurement of particulate radioactivity, etc. PIS 204L is adjusted by a manual valve without automatic control. Other functions are the same as other models. PIS 203S is used to sample air effluents under accident conditions. It is used in conjunction with a noble gas monitor and aeraulic skid that automatically controls the operation from standby to active sampling.


Compact and integrated unit. Dynamic flow rate control. Network capability.





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