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Technology Factsheet

Cyclone Ultra-Flex

Category: Decontamination > Miscellaneous Equipment/Methods > Misting & Fogging
Reference # : Model No : Model 3000

The Cyclone Ultra Flex is a handheld ultra-low-volume (ULV) sprayer. The 2-stage blower and rugged metering valve assures particles under 20 microns regardless of flow rate and viscosity of material. All DYNA-FOG electric ULV applicators feature the full benefit of "Cold Fog" Ultra-Low-Volume technology. Included with each machine is a unique Curtis Viscometer that is used to measure the viscosity of your chemicals.


An 18 inch (46 cm) flexible hose with handle on nozzle permits spraying into normally inaccessible and hard to reach areas. The Flex Hose unit is ideal for general fogging applications and duct work that requires decontamination or duct sealant applications.





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