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Technology Factsheet

Cyclone Dry Centrifugal Dust Collector

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Engineering Controls > Dust Suppression
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The AAF Cyclone is a dry centrifugal collector for dusts of moderate to coarse particle size (>20µ). The Cyclone will remove up to 99% of dust (by weight) generated by steel grinding and saw dust. When used as a pre-cleaner, the Cyclone reduces the dust load on higher efficiency final collectors for longer service life. Air is drawn into the cyclone tangentially and rotates at high velocity, separating heavier dust from the air by centrifugal action. The basic Cyclone features an all welded heavy construction enclosing an internal helix, integral fan and motor assembly. Options include a 55-gallon steel drum, hopper with rack and pinion slide gate, discharge elbow, after-filter, and rotary airlock and receiver. All welded heavy construction. Basic features include internal helix, integral fan and motor assembly, rotatable blower housing, square to round inlet, flanged outlet, support stand for drum style, and barrel top adapter with flexible connection.


Easy to maintain.





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