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Technology Factsheet

Hydrualic Shears - AMK-HP70

Category: Dismantlement > Mechanical Cutting Equipment > Mobile Shears
Reference # : Model No : AMK-HP70

The hydraulic shears or mega cutter AMK-HP60 is a portable heavy-duty tool with a maximum cutting force of 67,900 lbs and with a maximum cutter opening of 8 in. The operating pressure is 10, 500 psi and its weight is 98 lbs.


Production rate was high. Technology is mobile and its set-up and disassembly is relatively simple. Cutting activity was conducted under safe conditions for operators, evaluators, and the environment. Cutting tool is useful to segment port rings, window frames, pie lines and electric conduits.


Technology is heavy, which may become a lifting hazard for operators. Operators are exposed to hazards including lifting, bending, stooping, and twisting during equipment set-up, operation, maintenance, and decontamination. Equipment operation has the potential to cause operator to assume positions, which place stress on the back, shoulders, arms, knees, and legs




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