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Technology Factsheet

Segmented Gamma Scanner

Category: Waste Management > Sampling & Analysis > Analysis Apparatus
Reference # : Model No : G3200-340

Segmented Gamma Scanner (SGS) is designed to provide a non-destructive method for measuring the radionuclide content of typically low-level and intermediate level waste (LLW and ILW) including corrections for attenuation. Segmented gamma ray scanning is applicable to waste of a variety of matrices and chemical forms. It is particularly relevant when the chemical form and the relationship between the nuclide and matrix are unknown. The drum or sample is rotated about its vertical axis as horizontal segments are scanned in order to allow for any inconsistencies in the matrix density and to average inhomogeneity. A vertical profile of the gamma ray transmission and the nuclide concentration for the drum or sample is recorded. The spectrum for each vertical segment or the summed drum or sample spectrum can be viewed in real time on the software interface. Corrections are made for each spectrum for count defendant losses from pulse pile-up and analyser dead time.


Specifically designed for the non-destructive assay of up to 200 litre drums and 200 litre (55 gallon) drums inside 320 litre (85 gal) overpack drums containing gamma-ray emitting nuclear waste. Automatic gamma-ray energy calibration using a variety of transmission sources. Employs gamma-ray spectroscopy to detect and measure nuclides of interest and to measure and correct for the average gamma-ray attenuation in vertical segments of the drum. Detector and transmission source are connected by a transmission source arm to ensure continuous alignment. Improved safety of transmission source holder design facilitates ease of source handling. Measurement time typically between 15 and 30 minutes (increased accuracy and precision can be achieved by extending the measurement time).





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