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Technology Factsheet

Omni Jaw 5

Category: Dismantlement > Mechanical Cutting Equipment > Mobile Shears
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Omni Jaw 5 is a high powered hydraulic tool that can generate up to 5 tons of force on the cutting jaw. An electric trigger placed ergonomically on the handle actuates it. The longer the trigger is pressed, the greater the force generated. This design allows the tool to use the minimum amount of power required to cut. After the trigger is released, the system automatically resets and the cutting jaw returns to the open position. Features include a 4140 steel alloy machined body and cutting jaw, S7 high-impact tool with steel machined cutting blades, ¼” Lexan transparent shield and ultra alloy steel bolts. Applications for this technology include: 1) Asbestos removal, 2) Equipment dismantlement; 3) Building demolition; 4) Ship deconstruction, and 5) Construction. This technology was developed at the Y-12 National Security Complex and licensed to Green Arc Labs for manufacturing. Additional information can be found at http://techportal.eere.energy.gov/technology.do/techID=414.


Strong - generates up to 5 tons of force. Ergonomic electric trigger - improves ease of use. Safe - traps trimmings to eliminate environmental and safety hazards. Portable - weighs 18 pounds. Fast - shears bolts in seconds. Versatile - interchangable jaw can be used as a bolt cutter, punch, or shear.





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