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Technology Factsheet

Diamond Wire Cutting of Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor Vacuum Vessel

Category: Dismantlement > Mechanical Cutting Equipment > Abrasive Cutter
Reference # : OST No 2389 , DOE/EM-0527 Model No : DWC

The diamond wire system consists of a diamond matrix wire made to length for each individual cut and a hydraulic drive system. The diamond matrix wire made to length for each individual cut and a hydraulic drive system. The diamond-embedded wire consists of wire rope, springs and synthetic diamonds bounded to the outside of a steel bead. The wire is strung through the inside of the beads and springs. Adjacent to every third bead, a ring is compressed around the wire to isolate the cutting beads, in groups. To perform a cutting operation with the diamond wire rope, it may be necessary to drill a small hold at each end of the proposed cut. The wire is either passes through the two holes or wrapped around the object to be cut and then coupled together to envelop the cut area. The wire is then guided back to a drive wheel and around idler wheels that guide the wire. The wheel rotates and pulls the wire through the cut area. Water is typically used to cool the wire and to wash away the slurry created by the cutting operation. Wire tension is maintained via a hydraulic ­stroke­" cylinder that pulls the main drive wheel along its sliding carriage assembly. The main drive assembly is a simple flywheel that is either hydraulically or electronically driven. The diamond wire system consists of three major components: hydraulic power unit, diamond wire drive unit (i.e., saw) and the diamond wire. Dimensions of Tech Model ,h Hydraulic Power Unit: 56­" L x 32­" W x 25­" H ,h Diamond Wire Saw: 74­" L x 31­" W x 38­" H Dimension of the system set-up is dependent on object to be cut. Weight of Tech Model (lb): ,h Hydraulic Power Unit: 1400 ,h Diamond Wire Saw: 1200 System materials consists of diamond wire beads crimped on a wire rope with springs between beads, electro-hydraulic power unit, rotating wire drive unit, support piping, clamps, and guide pulleys.


*Expected to significantly reduce airborne contamination. *Minimizes personnel exposure due to remote operation. *Accelerates schedule since no pre-dismantlement work required inside the vacuum vessel. *Reduce the risk of spread of tritium contamination. *Reduces overall costs when compared to plasma arc cutting.


Object must be solid in nature or be filled with a material of strength in excess of 100 psi.




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