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Technology Factsheet

Breathing Air Compressor

Category: Worker Health & Safety > Personal Protective Equipment > Respiratory Protection
Reference # : Model No : ASD30T

Plant breathing air compressor systems are designed to provide Grade-D breathing air for industrial applications. Uses 480 volt/3 phase power.Remote air manifolds (POA's) are used at various work stations. It include 135 cfm compressor, a 120 gallon ASME receiver tank, Air Systems' Grade-D filtration panel with our CO-91 series carbon monoxide monitor and a refrigerated air dryer. The entire filtration system is mounted on a steel fork lift frame assembly. This package configuration can be designed for most required flow (cfm) capacities and output pressures.

Prepping to Enter One of Hanford's Most Hazardous Rooms - YouTube Video


Full time carbon dioxide and oxygen monitoring. Back up emergency air supply rated at 125 cubic feet per minute, constant for 30 minutes. Secondary charcoal filtration at user point of connection manifold. External and remote alarm capability. Mounted in an environment-controlled Conex for portability. HEPA filtration on inlet. Secondary charcoal filtration at user point of connection manifold.



Additional information:

Crews Make First Entry into McCluskey Room for Final Cleanup at Hanford Site - Energy Industry Today

Four decades later, workers enter site of Atomic Man accident - Energy Industry Today



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