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Technology Factsheet

Accustrip System

Category: Decontamination > Chemical Surface Cleaning > Biological/Microbial Degradation
Reference # : Model No : 12X

The Accustrip System soluble media blaster has been designed to meter relatively small amounts of ARMEX soluble blast media into a compressed air stream. The system has been equipped to reduce internal moisture that can cause media flow problems. A patented Performance Nozzle increases stripping rate and reduces media usage. It also is equipped to inject water into the air stream for dust compression and to improve cleaning performance. Several blasting models are available that vary with regard the portability, blasting precision, media storage, and number of available nozzles. The ARMEX soluble blast media is a proprietary baking soda-based soluble abrasive. It contains free-flow agents that act to reduce the flow problems commonly associated with baking soda-based blast media. A selection of blast media formulas are available, depending on the surface media strength and depth of surface removal desired.


The ACCUSTRIP SYSTEM Soluble Media Blaster has a wide range of models to satisfy customer needs and ensure the size and aggressiveness of coating removal desired. Individual coating layers can be removed selectively. This system can operate up to 250 feet away from the blasting unit. ARMEX Soluble Blast Media is available in various formulas to satisfy customer needs and aggressiveness of coating removal desired. ARMEX media products do not cause thermal sparks in striking the surface media. The ARMEX Soluble Blast Media Formula XL has crystals four times larger than typical baking soda, which increases effectiveness of coating removal. Blast media is safe to use on rotating equipment, as it will not harm bearings or seals.


ARMEX Soluble Blast Media cannot be recycled for stripping, although the water can be separated from primary waste. Large amounts of wastewater are generated during system operation to clean up different surfaces. Additional water is required to dilute and remove the secondary waste buildup on the surface media.




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