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Technology Factsheet

IC - Carrier Stair Climbing Robot

Category: Robotics > Characterization and Inspection > Wheeled/Tracked System
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The IC-Carrier robotic system, from RVT Engineering, is a reasonably priced, fully integrated, remotely operated mobile platform with navigation and mast mounted TV cameras & lights, a 500-ft tether, optional wireless operation, and a multi-function console that can remotely control a wide variety of user payloads including robotic arms and your own equipment. Its top plate has two mounting rails for fixing payload devices. Depending on the terrain, over 200 lbs can be carried on the top mounting rails.

Site: *
Size:Large (20-100kg/40lb-200lb, 60cm-120cm/24in-48in)
TRL:Operational (9)
TRL2: *
Tether: *
Waterproof: *
Payload: *
Reach: *
Manipulator: *




Reasonably priced remotely operated IC-Carrier robot with rear mast-mounted 26x PTZ camera (not in photo), 500-ft tether, optional wireless operation, and multi-function controller that can be used to control your own payload instruments.

The tether controlled (see wireless options) IC-Carrier is a strong vehicle with six-wheel-drive and removable tracks, with standard tethered controls and optional wireless, with front and rear mounted driving cameras with lights, with remotely actuated dual speed gearbox and up to 5 mph speeds, and with dual equipment mounting racks. It is waterproof below its top plate, and weatherproof above.

It is factory-wired for the addition and control of add-ons such as headlights for outdoor use, a10-ft extendable scissor hoist with PTZ camera (or to lift your own device), and a full-function manipulator with 10\" claw and 65 lb lifting capability. We can also adapt it for the mounting and control of your own payloads, such as remote sensors and tools. Depending on the terrain, over 200 lbs can be carried on the top mounting rails.

Although this unit is tether controlled, a wireless control option is available.

NOTE that all IC-Series robots can work in wireless mode because they are powered by a quick-replacement 24 volt sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery, and that purchased robots are shipped with two batteries and an automatic battery charger (not built-in robot). The control console monitors the robot's remaining power, and it takes less than a minute for a single worker to replace a low battery. You can also connect the charger directly to the robot to re-charge without removing the battery.

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