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Technology Factsheet

Compact Subsurface Soil Investigation System

Category: Characterization > Sampling & Analysis Equipments > Analysis Equipment
Reference # : OST No 2153 , DOE/EM-0412 Model No : Geoprobe 540M

The uniqueness of the soil sampling equipment is the compactness of the Geoprobe Model 540. The Geoprobe Model 540 is capable of sampling in congested areas. The equipment fits in places that standard soil sampling equipment would not fit into for taking samples. The system is a mobile sampler used to obtain soil samples, including from below floors, such as under fuel storage basin. The unit hydraulically hammers and /or pushes a metal sampling tube into soil and hydraulically withdraws the sample to the surface. The length of sample that can be taken with each sample withdrawal is up to two ft. The Model 540 is equipment with two wheels and can be moved around similar to a cart. The unit is also connected with flexible hydraulic hoses to a remote hydraulic power unit. Two workers can move and set up the sampler in a short time. Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH): 21.5 in X 31 in X 28.5 inSampling tube: 1.25 in or 2 in inside diameterWeight of Tech Model (lb): 725 lb.


The Geoprobe Model 540 can be used in areas where a truck-mounted soil sampler does not have accessú The geoprobe Model 540 provides the ability to conduct soil sampling below concrete floors at a much lower cost. úThis technology is specially useful for sampling and characterized fine-grain to medium-grain sands and small graves where limited space or truck access is a problem


This equipment has difficulty in probing heavy-cobble gravel and strongly cemented formations The compact Geoprobe Model 540M is unable to perform in excessively rocky soils




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