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Technology Factsheet

Canyon Disposition Initiative Remote Characterization System

Category: Robotics > Characterization and Inspection > Wheeled/Tracked System
Reference # : Model No :

The Canyon Disposition Initiative (CDI) Remote Characterization System is a robotic characterization platform for use in the 221-U facility (U-Plant) at Hanford. It is designed for fully remote collection of characterization data such as gross gamma readings, video, and smear samples.

Site:Oak Ridge
Size:Large (20-100kg/40lb-200lb, 60cm-120cm/24in-48in)
TRL:Demonstration (7-8)
TRL2:Demonstration (7-8)
Tether: *
Waterproof: *
Payload: *
Reach: *
Manipulator: *




Operational Experience: Adopted a philosophy of starting small and meeting needs directly to build confidence and support. —> ok, what else can you do for me?

Task was to inspect railroad and ventilation tunnels as part of the overall task to evaluate the suitability of using the five processing cells in the Hanford U-plant for low level waste disposal.

Approach was to take a commercial Andros Mark VI and add facility and system support necessary to complete the inspection.

Hardware added: Cameras and lights, Smear sample station, Deployment station.
Tasks: Collecting video footage while traversing the entire tunnel length, Collecting gross gamma readings, Collecting smear samples.



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