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Technology Factsheet

In-Situ Object Counting System

Category: Characterization > Monitors > Asbestos Monitoring
Reference # : OST No 2098 , DOE/EM - 0477 Model No : Canberra

The Canberra ISOCS system consists of -An ISOCS characterized Germanium detector with portable cryostat, -A cart support for holding the detector, lead shielding and collimators, -An Inspector portable spectroscopy analyzer, -A portable computer with Genie-PC software, And the ISOXSW in situ calibration software. ISOCS is a Germanium-detector gamma-ray characterization system that can identify specific nuclei, and quantitatively determine the corresponding radioactive inventory in situ. The steel-jacketed lead shielding can be mounted around the Germanium detector to provide 1 or 2 inches of shielding from background radiation, and to change the field of view between 30, 90 or 180 degrees. The detector rotates on the cart for alignment with the target. The computer controls the InSpector multichannel analyzer and the Genie-PC software provides peak identification, data and error analysis, and system quality assurance. The ISOXSW software is the key feature of the system in that it automatically determines the relationship between the radioactive source geometry, the measured count rate, and the amount of radioactive material present using the ISOCS characterized detector data. Dimensions of Tech Model (LxWxH): 132 cm X 78.7 cm X 96.5 cmWeight of Tech Model (lb): The stand/detector/holder : 170 lbThe stand/detector/holder with 25 mm shields: 233 lbThe stand/detector/holder with 50 mm shields:294 lbThe stand/detector/holder with both shield set: 357 lb


A major benefit is that ISOCS can provide rapid, real time information on the type of isotopes, and the magnitude of radiological hazard Any large nuclear size can make use of this technology Its simple use of isotopic identification, ISOCS can be used to provide characterization information on the type and extent of radioactive material The ISOXSW software provides the capability of assaying a wide range of containers and surfaces using a set of standard geometrical models. The system can also be used to assay soil or core samples that have been collected and brought to the instrument, or it can make the measurements directly at the site Its ability to collect data in the background while processing previously collected data. The ability of the ISOCS system to provide real time, in-situ, non-intrusive assay information on a series of containers compared to the baseline system of making measurements and then performing shielding calculations off line would significantly reduce the time needed in determining the effectiveness of the decontamination process or in deciding how waste materials can be disposed


Cryostat can be titled up or down without refilling The lead shielding for reducing background radiation reaching the detector is useful, but additional shielding may be necessary The system will have problems in providing accurate assay information in high background fields ISOCS is not well suited for working in areas with large background radiation fields, if relatively low strength sources must be assayed




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