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Technology Factsheet


Category: Robotics > Characterization and Inspection > Snake
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This Active-Chord Mechanism (ACM) is a wireless-controlled snake-like robot. It is composed of several modules with passive wheels and active joints; it moves smoothly as it reproduces the motion of a snake. ACM-R3H can generate tri-dimensional motions. Ideal for research, for entertainment and advertisement. It is fully reprogrammable with adding sensors based on the user's needs.

ACM-R3n in each unit is powered by one Titech SH2 Tiny controller controlling one servo motor; all SH2 Tiny controllers are connected by CAN bus.

Site: *
Size:Tiny (<1kg/2lb, <10cm/4in useable length)
TRL:Research (1-3)
TRL2: *
Tether: *
Waterproof: *
Payload: *
Reach: *
Manipulator: *




Operational Experience:



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