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Facility Decommissioning


Argonne National Laboratory is offering its popular training course entitled “Facility Decommissioning”. A registration fee is required to attend and participate in the training course. Background information, a course description and registration form are available at the website address given in this brochure. Applicants are highly encouraged to register electronically. Early registration is recommended due to the limited class size.


The purpose of the course is to: 1) provide information on the basic steps in the decommissioning process and 2) impart lessons learned from past experience in decommissioning. Elements included in this training course will assist in decisionmaking, planning, and implementation associated with decommissioning. Moreover, a major objective of this training course is to demonstrate the need for early and complete project planning to achieve safe and cost-effective decommissioning.

Who should attend

Personnel responsible for decommissioning nuclear facilities including large and small facilities. This includes: utility, university, reactor and other operational facility management and staff, waste management staff, procurement officials, regulators, decommissioning technology developers and providers, oversight groups, DOE & DoD staff, radioisotope and radio pharmaceutical research facilities/production facilities, and consulting and engineering firms. Much of the material is directly relevant to the decommissioning of any type or size facility.


A registration fee of $1,195 USD is required (see Course info for details on payment terms and conditions).

Further Information

Facility Decommissioning Information

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