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Gamma Spectroscopy


The use of radioactive materials in industry and government has created a need for persons trained in the current techniques of analyzing gamma-emitting radionuclides. To meet this need, ORAU conducts a fiveday training course—Gamma Spectroscopy. The American Academy of Health Physics will grant 32 Continuing Education Credits for completion of this course.


This laboratory-oriented course covers the basics of radionuclide identification and quantification by gamma spectroscopy. Approximately 50% of the time will be spent in the laboratory.

Who should attend

Any person whose responsibilities involve the analysis of samples by gamma spectroscopy but who needs more background knowledge of the topic.


$1,995 — The tuition includes the full cost of training, books, and instructional materials. Attendees will also receive a free copy of the PTP Electronic Library DVD.

Further Information

Gamma Spectroscopy Information

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