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D&D Dictionary

Popular deactivation and decommissioning terms and their definitions.

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    Land, buildings, and other structures, their functional systems and equipment, and other fixed systems and equipment installed therein, including site development features outside the plant, such as landscaping, roads, walks, and parking areas; outside lighting and communication systems; central utility plants; utilities supply and distribution systems; and other physical plant features.

    Federally Permitted Releases

     The term "Federally permitted release" means, (A) discharges in compliance with a permit under Section 1342 of title 33, (B) discharges resulting from circumstances identified and reviewed and made part of the public record with respect to a permit issued or modified under Section 1342 of title 33 and subject to a condition of such permit, (C) continuous or anticipated intermittent discharges from a point source, identified in a permit or permit application under Section 1342 of title 33, which are caused by events occurring within the scope of relevant operating or treatment systems, (D) discharges in compliance with a legally enforceable permit under Section 1344 of title 33, (E) releases in compliance with a legally enforceable final permit issued pursuant to Section 3005(a) through (d) of the Solid Waste Disposal Act (42 U.


     Filtration is the process of passing a liquid or gas through a filter or porous bed of materials in order to remove solid particles.


    The emission of electromagnetic radiation, usually visible light, caused by excitation of atoms in a material, which then re-emit almost immediately (within about 10-8 seconds). The initial excitation is usually caused by absorption of energy from incident radiation or particles, such as X-rays or electrons.


    An arrangement of parallel glass fibers with an objective lens on one end and an eyepiece at the other; the assembly can be bent as required to view objects that are inaccessible for direct viewing or to view components those are tightly packed.


     A structure in which heat is produced by combustion or other means. Different furnaces common in use in industries include: Coal furnace - Chemical energy is transformed into heat by burning fuels such as coal, wood, oil, and hydrocarbon gases.
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