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D&D Dictionary

Popular deactivation and decommissioning terms and their definitions.

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     The life of an asset from planning through acquisition, maintenance, operation, and disposition.

    Local Agreement

     An interagency agreement, tri-party agreement or other understanding that establishes a local relationship between DOE, EPA, and the State on environmental rest

    Low-Level Waste

     Radioactive waste not classified as high-level waste, transuranic waste, spent nuclear fuel, or byproduct material.

    Laser Ablation

    Laser ablation is the process of removing material from a solid or a liquid surface by irradiating it with a laser beam. It depends on the nature of the material and its ability to absorb energy. When a low laser beam acts on the surface, then the surface material is heated by the absorbed laser energy and evaporates; whereas with a high laser beam, the material gets converted to plasma.

    Liquid Scintillation Counting

       A standard method for detecting and measuring radiation from beta-emitting nuclides. In this method, samples are dissolved in the solvents containing aromatic solvents and scintillators (a material that emits light when excited by an ionizing radiation).
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