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Applicable or Relevant and Appropriate Requirements (ARARs)

(1) Those cleanup standards, standards of control, and other substantive requirements, criteria, or limitations promulgated under federal environmental, state environmental, or facility siting laws that specifically address a hazardous substance, pollutant, contaminant, remedial action, location, or other circumstance found at a CERCLA site. Only those state standards that are identified by a state in a timely manner and that are more stringent than federal requirements may be applicable (see NCP section 300.5). (2) Requirements promulgated under Federal or State law that specifically address the circumstances at a Superfund site. (3) A requirement that environmental laws other than those under CERCLA, may be either "applicable" or "relevant and appropriate", but not both. Identification of ARARs must be done on a site-specific basis and involves a twopart analysis: first, a determination whether a given requirement is applicable; then, if it is not applicable, a determination whether it is nevertheless both relevant and appropriate.


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