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Accurate Safety Distributors, Inc.

10320 North Thor Drive
Freeland, Michigan 48623 United States

Phone: 800-292-8240   Toll Free:    Fax: 989-695-2543

Email: sarah@philipaconsulting.com   


Accurate Safety Distributors, Inc. carries a wide variety of safety equipment and supplies, including adhesives, sealants and tape; HEPA filtered vacuums; cleanroom gloves and finger cots; and hard hat winter liners. They also offer confined space equipment such as manhole systems, rescue and retrieval systems, support equipment, and ventilation systems. Additional products include marking and measuring equipment for construction safety, emergency eyewash showers, eyewash refill supplies, heat traced and mixing valves. Personal protective equipment includes eye and face protection such as face shields, visors, foamed-lined safety glasses, goggles, headgear, brackets frames, and lens cleaner; fall protection accessories, anchorage devices, fall arrest systems, harnesses, lanyards, lifelines, roof anchorage, and rope grabs; foot and leg protection such as metatarsal boots, general use boots shoes, foot and leg guards, insoles and outsoles, chemical resistant, and insulated cold weather boots; hand protection including high visibility gloves, mechanic gloves, and heat resistant gloves; head protection, hard hat, suspensions; hearing protection, earplugs, earmuffs; heat stress and cooling products. Other protective gear includes high visibility reflective suits, ANSI class 2 shirts, NFPA 70E / flame-resistant high visibility products, NFPA 70E Arc-rated products , protective clothing, sleeves, smocks hazmat suits, hoods jackets, lab coats, overalls, pants, aluminized clothing, beard covers, rainwear, splash suits, and ponchos. Additional products include respiratory protection, respirators, OSHA signs, welding clothing, welding safety,gas detection and monitoring, cutting tools, and hazardous storage and handling.

Area of expertise:
Chemical Contaminant Cleanup, HEPA & Special Filtration Systems, Personal Protective Equipment, Portable Vacuum Systems

Additional Expertise:
Welding Supplies, Safety, Signs / Tags and Labels, Heat Stress / Cooling Products


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