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Alaron Nuclear Services

2138 State Rt 18
Wampum, Pennsylvania 16157 United States

Phone: 724-535-5777   Toll Free:    Fax: 724-535-1165

Email: sales@alaronnuclear.com   


Alaron Nuclear Services is a subsidiary of Veolia ES Technical Solutions. Our main services include:

  • Licensed facility access – we own and maintain a Radioactive Materials License issued by the State of Pennsylvania, which is an NRC Agreement State. Clients who do not have such a license can come to our site to perform work under our license.
  • License reciprocity – Clients who would like to take advantage of our licensed facility access, but for which the logistics are too cumbersome, may take advantage of our ability to gain license reciprocity throughout the United States and its territories. This allows us to extend our license to a client facility or project location for up to 180 days per year.
  • Survey/decontamination – provide radioactive surveys and decontamination of various equipment and components
  • Low-level radioactive waste – includes processing and consolidation, volume reduction and sizing, decontamination
  • Motor shop – electric motor and pump decontamination, repair, refurbishment
  • Specialty coatings – NQA-1 and 10 CFR 50 Appendix B qualified coating systems

Area of expertise:
Decontamination, Fixatives & Coatings

Additional Expertise:
Pump and Motor Refurbishment, Waste Handling, Facility Access, Contaminated Equipment Storage and Special Projects


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