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NITON Corporation

900 Middlesex Turnpike Building 8
Billerica, Massachusetts 01821 United States

Phone: 978-670-7460   Toll Free: 800-875-1578    Fax: 978-670-7430

Email: jpesce@Niton.com   


Niton produces handheld x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers which are used for analysis and identification of metal alloys. Some of the products offered are XL2 series analyzers, XL2 goldd, XL3t series analyzers, XL3t gold+, XL3p series analyzers, FXL series, XLp and Xli. Thermo Scientific Niton XRF analyzers provide real-time on-site analysis and testing results. In addition they also provide products for mining and exploration, RoHS compliance, environmental analysis, lead paint inspection and art and archaeometry. Technical support and repair, training and licensing are some of the services provided.

Area of expertise:
Characterization, Non-Destructive Examination, Sensor & Instrumentation

Additional Expertise:
XRF Analyzers

Comments: Parent Organization is Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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