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Jeff Hunter


Title: Health Physicist

Organization: Washington River Protection Solutions

Richland, Washington
United States, 99352

Discipline: Radiation Protection


Area of Expertise:
ALARA Controls, Beryllium Decontaminaton, Characterization, Concrete and Rubblization, Containment, Cutting & Size Reducing, Decontamination, Demolition, Dismantlement, Fixatives & Coatings, Gamma Cam Modeling, Grout Fill of Pipes Cells and Basins, Hazardous Material Disposal, HEPA & Special Filtration Systems, High Pressure Cleaning, Manipulators, Mobile Platforms, Non-Destructive Assay, Open Air Demolition, Personal Protective Equipment, Portable Vacuum Systems, Radiation Controls, Regulations - other:, Remote Excavation, Remote Pipe Decon, Robotics & Remote Technology, Sampling, Secondary Waste Minimization, Small Decon &Deployment Platform, Large Scale Decon & Demolition, Waste Transportation
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