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Problem Details

Whirly nozzle for applying fixatives

Category: Deactivation & Decommissioning > Decontamination
Published: 4/1/2009 Last Updated: 5/5/2009

A recent Hanford ALARA newsletter discussed the application of fixatives in tank pits using a "whirly" nozzle (October 27 to November 7, 2008). ORNL considered the use of this type of nozzle to spray fixatives inside a hotcell but did not have any information on how well this was likely to work. Now FIU is considering performing a technology demonstration at their hotcell mockup facility for applying fixatives with these rotating nozzles. The manufacturer noted in the newletter, Lechler, sells the nozzles for tank washing/rinsing. I'd like to get some more information on the use of these nozzles with fixatives. Do you have any additional information on where the whirly nozzle was used to apply fixatives, what type of fixative was used, and the results of the application?

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